“Ninety Percent of this Game is Half Mental”

It is understood that spring training is part of the grand cycle ongoing process of player development.  During March, this is accomplished by repetition of individual defensive, pitching, and hitting drills, as well as team defensive drills of picks and rundowns, first and third defenses, bunt defenses, cuts and relays, and pop fly communication.  These drills are performed over and over until they become force of habit, which are then reinforced in games.

A few days ago, Mickey Hatcher, former Big Leaguer and current Angels hitting coach spoke to hitters about the importance of having a plan when going up to the plate, and sticking with it.  He stressed that all of the mechanical drill work is done in the cages and batting practice, and that once game time rolls around, you need to trust what you have on that given night.  This echoes what last year’s hitting coach, Damon Mashore, was always stressing: ‘your swing for that night is what you have, trust it.’

One comment

  1. fv tom

    I am glad you liked Hud’s talk. Obviously I’ve never heard him other than on the broadcasts. His enthusiasm for the game is contagious.

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